Information about IGNIS - Academy for Christian Psychology

Ever since the foundation of IGNIS in 1986 we have had one major concern:

How can we demonstrate the healing and helping presence of God both in the theoretical and practical aspects of psychology and how can we live and pass on the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this field?

After nearly 25 years of intensive ministry several questions remain, but some of our answers have become more complex:
  • What does a Biblical world view and a Biblical view of man look like?
  • How can we develop a Christian model of therapy, child rearing etc. based on this foundation?
  • What role do secular models play in Christian psychology?
  • How does personal understanding and knowledge interact with the work of the Holy Spirit?
  • How can Christian churches, institutions and families become places of support and healing?
  • And finally, how can we live our lives as Christians in this world today?

In our seminars, courses and publications for professionals and lay counsellors we pass on what we have learnt through internal and external dialogue as well as a lot of practical experience. IGNIS cherishes the exchange and co-operation with churches and groups from all denominational backgrounds. Several of our staff at IGNIS are involved in national leadership committees of various renewal movements in Germany. In addition, numerous international contacts that IGNIS co-operates with have developed over the years.

Our vision
We want to serve the suffering and those looking for help and counsel – in, with and before Jesus.
We want to be involved in every area that psychology is involved in – the theory as well as the practical field.

The relevance of our vision for the Christian psychology we develop:

We want to strengthen communication with professionals from the fields of psychology and social science
We want to be self-critical representatives of Christian psychology.
We want to serve Jesus with our whole hearts and develop a prophetic lifestyle. The goal is:
To serve the Church
To develop a Christian school of psychology that is centred around a reconciled relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

“The place where the question about God´ s reality as well as the question about the reality of the world are answered at the same time, bears only one name: Jesus Christ.
God and the world are contained in this name. In him all things continue to exist. (Col. 1: 16)
From now on we can neither speak about God nor the world appropriately without speaking about Jesus Christ. Any concepts of reality that ignore him are abstractions.”

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

Professional training and study programme:

Following Jesus with your whole heart – in your professional training.

Our study programme of Christian Psychology is an alternative programme on a Biblical and Christian basis among other schools of psychology.
Students learn to understand the basics of Christian psychology by using common scientific principles. They obtain professional and scientific competence that will enable them to work in areas like therapy and counselling, teaching Christian concepts in seminars and courses, working with youth, publishing, etc.
In weekend courses we train Christian Counsellors. These courses combine professional competence and Christian lifestyle and growth in a unique way. Christians that come to us for therapy receive support in their individual situation taking into consideration their personal world view and backgrounds.
Our Correspondence Course allows to obtain the basics of Christian Psychology on your own. This programme is supported by additional seminars at the academy as well as by regional study groups. In Switzerland we closely co-operate with the Institute of Christian Psychology, Education and Therapy (ICP).

Serving the Body of Christ and therapy:

God has a specific place in the Body of Christ for each individual.

It is our goal to support and train people to find and take that place. We offer seminars in the areas of Seelsorge and counselling, family life and child rearing, Seelsorge and counselling with children and youth, as well as “Knowing your personal calling”. Participants gain a deeper understanding and learn through practical exercises to grow in their identity, their ability to be real, to communicate, build relationships and assume responsibility. In addition, their personal growth may be supported by a Christian therapy or counselling. Unresolved issues are taken into the healing presence of God and support is given for the next steps. It is the goal of the whole ministry to contribute to the Church being restored as a place of healing.

Programmes and ministries of IGNIS Academy:
  • Four-year study programme in Christian Psychology
  • Training programme for Christian Counsellors
  • Correspondence Course
  • Counselling seminars in churches
  • Family life and child rearing / seminars for families
  • Counselling with children and youth seminars
  • Seminars on “Knowing your personal calling”
  • Out-patient counselling / therapy
  • Other trainings
  • Publications

We cooperate with

• European Movement for Christian Psychology and Anthropology (EMCPA)
• Society for Christian Psychology, USA
• ACC Association of Christian Counsellors, Deutschland
• ICP Institut für Christliche Psychologie, Therapie und Pädagogik, Schweiz

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